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What is the price to rent the studio?

The rate for the studio is $700 for a full day (10 hrs), or $350 for a half day. Overtime hours are $100/hr

How big is the studio?

The cyc wall is 42 feet wide and 25 feet deep. The green screen area is 10 feet x 10 feet. The lighting grid is 11 feet off the ground. The total area of the studio is 1800 square feet.

Is the studio soundproof?

The studio is not soundproof, although we have insulated it against outside noise as much as we can. The acoustics inside the studio are very good, and is ideal for recording music. We are, however, located near a MARTA line, which runs by about every 15 minutes. We are happy to provide a noise print of the train for easy removal in post production.

Can the cyc wall be painted a different color?

The cyc wall can be painted any color, and the green screen area can be extended to any size. The cost to repaint is $1 per square foot. Please allow a week’s notice to adequately paint the studio.

Is equipment included in my rental?

Grip equipment is included: c-stands, sandbags, stingers, clamps, apple boxes, flags, and tape. We have cameras, LED lights, tungsten lights, strobes, and lighting modifiers available for an additional rental fee.

What are the specs of the lighting grid?

The cyc wall is lit by 9 daylight-balanced 2k LED lights. The cyc wall is controlled by a DMX board that can independently dim each light from 10-100%. Additionally, there are are 4 soft daylight-balanced LED space lights. Additional lights can be clamped to the grid as needed. The grid is 11 feet from the floor.

I have a large crew. How many people can the studio accommodate?

We are a small boutique studio. We recommend crews no larger than 20-25 people, including talent.

Where is crew parking?

The driveway and rear of the studio can accommodate up to 8 cars. Street parking along Washington street is available. There is a free city surface lot on Franklin street, about 3 blocks from the studio.